How to become a

Foster or Adopter





  1. Foster Application Received

  2. Personal/Vet Reference Checks/Home check

  3. Approval

  4. Dog on dog/Human(if no dogs in the home) meet & greet (this could be at the local animal shelter or a neutral location for both pups)

  5. Pick up of foster pup & supplies

FOSTER APPLICATION (fillable form - submit online)






  1. Adoption Application Received

  2. Human only meet and greet – This allows the potential adopter to get to know the pup and not add any stress to the resident pup. If the potential adopter wants to have the resident pup meet our pup, prior to leaving fill out an adoption application (if one has not been received).

  3. Dog on dog introduction – We will facilitate a dog on dog introduction for you in a neutral location to be agreed upon by the PSHR representatives & potential adopter.

  4. Home-check/ Home-visit – This is done at this point for homes with no other pups. If there is another pup in the home see step #5

  5. Trial Home Visit - Once the reference checks and home check have been completed, we will schedule a trial home visit.  If there is a resident pup, 2 representatives of PSHR will come to your home with the potential adoptee to make sure the pups get along on their home turf.  If all goes well, we will leave the pup for the trial period.  This is typically a Thursday-Sunday night.  PSHR will check in with you periodically through this time to see how things are going.  We feel that the 4 days give you an opportunity to see how the pup will fit into your life style on both a work day and a weekend.  We ask that if you feel at any point it isn’t working, contact us immediately.  If you feel that this period does not give you enough time, just let us know on Sunday you would like to extend.

  6. Adoption

*Please understand that the final placement of a pup is based on what home is the best fit for our pup.  We do not work on a “first come, first serve” motto.  Our pup’s best interest will always come first.  The final decision is ultimately made by the directors of PSHR with the consideration of reference checks, foster’s input, the home check and the best suited environment for our pup.

ADOPTION APPLICATION (fillable form - submit online)